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Half Bridal Garland with Flowers and White Satin Ribbons

Description: This wonderful bridal garland is made of many little light-yellow flowers. It's just this color that reflected the p... Product Detail»

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White, Ribbon

USD $6.69

Eye-popping Bridal Wreath with Lace Ribbons and Beads

Description: The wreath is created of good texture wide lace, embedded with an eye-catching flower which consisted of many iv... Product Detail»

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Crystals, Pearls

USD $10.69

Fairytale Bridal Wreath with Lace and Beads for Women

Description: Here is a fairytale hair garland which would surely bring many romance to your wedding ceremony. This bri... Product Detail»

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Flower Girls, Women

USD $11.49

Tempting Bridal Wreath with Organza Flower and Crystals

Description: What are pureness and elegance? This piece would be a perfect representation. It's really very f... Product Detail»

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Ribbon, Crystals

USD $10.49

Scintillating Satin Bridal Wreath with Pearls and Crystals for Women

Description: This piece stands out for its conciseness. Each flower is consisted of sixes small crystals, they decorated a gold vin... Product Detail»

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Hair Flower, Wedding

USD $11.99

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